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Spock wrote at 2013-03-09 01:23:33
"The Young Ones" was originally done by Cliff Richards in 1961.  Cliff Richards did a cameo on "the young ones" bbc show.

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Punk history is littered with the debris of posers who thought they knew what punk was about. If you want the real answers, ask me. I can answer questions about the history of punk, from the Ramones and the Clash all the way up through recent powerhouses like Pennywise and Propagandhi. Questions about the emergence of the straight-edge movement in DC with Minor Threat, political punk from Crass to Conflict, the Dead Kennedys and Anti-Flag, current trends such as crusty punk, pop punk and local scenes, independent labels from Chunksaah and Lookout to major labels like Go-Kart, Epitaph, or Dischord: I know all. Try me and find out.


My experience with punk music began at ten years old when I first heard the Dead Kennedys and has continued to the present day through the Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey punk and hardcore scenes.

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