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nszt wrote at 2010-03-21 03:02:40
Wrong, what you forget is that you can have small green broken pumpkins :) the 15th has two qualities. 12, the same .... don't ignore overlaps

dominique gamboa wrote at 2010-04-29 12:13:53
there are 840 pumpkins

every 3rd pumpkins it is too small,

Thus, 840/3=280, so 280 are your small pumpkins.

every 4th pumpkin is green,

so 840/4=210, so 210 are the green pumpkins.

every 5th had a broken stem,

so 840/5=168, so 168 are the pumpkins which has a broken stem.

every 6th has wrong shape,

so 840/6=140, so 140 has a wrong shape.

Thus your equation is

840 - (840/3 + 840/4 + 840/5 + 840/6)= N

840 - (280 + 210 + 168 + 140)= N

840 - 798= N


Thus, there are 42 perfect pumpkins.

Rajkumar wrote at 2013-04-26 16:08:56
I think it would 280 perfect pumpkins that joe had got.

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