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Puzzle Solving/3 people and the waiter


SaveTiger wrote at 2013-05-26 19:42:28
25 + 25 + 25 = 75

discount 5 rs

2Rs tip to waiter

total expenditure 72

each gets 1 rs

i.e each one spent 24 rs

24 24 24 = 72 (total expenditure, including the tip)

they saved 3Rs

so basically the question is confusing in such a way that it asks us to calulate the total expenditure with that tip given to the waiter which is already included (72 rs)

72 total expenditure and remaining amount 3 Rs


lalit pathade wrote at 2015-01-30 17:32:33
Total 24*3=72, 72-3 rupee =69, 69/divided by 3=23, 23 waiter 2 rupee=25 and last 25*3=75 Answer is 100 percente correct.  

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