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There is a mythical land whose residents are either Liars or Truth-tellers. A group of three men was questioned by a stranger looking for directions. The stranger, knowing he was in the land of Liars and Truth-tellers asked the group if they were Liars or Truth-tellers. The first said, “We are all Truth-tellers.” The second said. “Only one of us is Truth-teller.” The third said, “The second person is telling the truth.” Who were Truth-tellers and who were Liars?  


Suppose that the first is telling the truth. This would make the second a truth-teller, but his statement is clearly a lie. Therefore the first is a liar.

Suppose that the second is telling the truth. This would make the third a liar, but his statement is clearly true. Therefore the second is a liar.

From the above the third's statement is clearly a lie. Therefore he is a liar.

They are all liars.


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