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Hi Alex
Can you tell me how one can make a world in Qbasic, with 3D graphics, and not using the SCREEN command?

Well, yes and no.

First, as I say often, I don't just write code for people.

Second, if you want a pure QBasic program, you're going to have to use the SCREEN command to create a graphics window.

Third, QBasic can do 3d, but you'll be wasting your time - it will be slow, and you'll have to write all your 3d functions yourself, unless you use a library, like uGL (which uses a lot of ASM, rather than pure QBasic).

You're better off to go to a modern programming language, like FreeBASIC, C, or C++, which you'll probably find most of the things you want to do.

I hope that points you in the right direction!

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Alex Barry


I have been a qbasic programmer since 2000, creating games, minor libraries and various small programs. I have experience using interrupts, graphics, file input/output, the mouse cursor, and using libraries. I have also learned FreeBASIC, QB64, c/c++, python, lua, php and html.
I do not claim to be an absolute authority in any language, but I don't mind looking things up and learning with you.


I have been programming in *Basic dialects since 2000, as mentioned in my expertise. After a year of QBasic, I learned C and C++, and dabbled a little in ASM (I don't program in ASM - I literally just played around to see how things work). When QB64 and FreeBASIC were released, I played with those languages. At the time, FreeBASIC offered more functionality and I sided with that language for a while. During that time, while I was learning new languages, that I would see what scripting languages are available, where I took up python and lua. I started to notice a staleness to QB64's development (which I kept tabs on from time to time), and am now trying to be active in it's community and maybe in it's development in the future. Currently, I am only active on the QB64.net forums, but I appear on occasion on FreeBASIC.net's forums as well.

Highschool - 2007

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