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builder is given the measurement of five planks in feet(') and inches
("). He want to convert the length to meters. One foot is 0.3048meters
and one inche is 0.0254 meters. D measuremnet of the plank are:4' 6", 8'
9" , 9' 11", 6' 3" and 12' 0" (i.e. D first plank is 4feet 6inches
long).Write a program in qbasic and visual basic to display the length
of each plank in feet and inches and in meters .pls help me

Hi Oluwafemi,

I don't do homework questions, but I can help you with them if you show me the code you have tried.  I don't really write programs for people on here, either, this is a category directed towards asking questions about a programming language, and not a place where I will write code for people on a whim.

That's all to say, I will help you fix your code if you show me what you have tried, but otherwise there is nothing I can do.


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Alex Barry


I have been a qbasic programmer since 2000, creating games, minor libraries and various small programs. I have experience using interrupts, graphics, file input/output, the mouse cursor, and using libraries. I have also learned FreeBASIC, QB64, c/c++, python, lua, php and html.
I do not claim to be an absolute authority in any language, but I don't mind looking things up and learning with you.


I have been programming in *Basic dialects since 2000, as mentioned in my expertise. After a year of QBasic, I learned C and C++, and dabbled a little in ASM (I don't program in ASM - I literally just played around to see how things work). When QB64 and FreeBASIC were released, I played with those languages. At the time, FreeBASIC offered more functionality and I sided with that language for a while. During that time, while I was learning new languages, that I would see what scripting languages are available, where I took up python and lua. I started to notice a staleness to QB64's development (which I kept tabs on from time to time), and am now trying to be active in it's community and maybe in it's development in the future. Currently, I am only active on the QB64.net forums, but I appear on occasion on FreeBASIC.net's forums as well.

Highschool - 2007

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