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Qbasic, Quickbasic/geting data from text file of purchase bill/invoice


I am trying to get invoice records from text file in qbasic.I want to get
Record of Invoice no(first eight no.),Invoice date, Item code,Item name,Pack size,Manufacturer Name,Batch no.,Expiry Date,Rate,MRP,Total cost of Item,Quantity,Free Scheme if any,Discount Total,Vat Rate,Vat Total Amount ,Gross Amount and last Net Amount.
my text file is something like this:(copied 1 line only)

0015562420/11/2014    8  720DERIPHYLLIN RET. 150.    10`s   07        CADILA HEALTHCARE LTD.(GRL)   ZHP3228   07/17     4.08     5.30     40.80   10          .00 2.00      .82 5.00     2.00          .00       .00   1320.00ZYDDERIPTB015000    V20/11/2014
0015562420/11/2014   10  729DUOLUTON L TAB.          21`s.  07        CADILA HEALTHCARE LTD.(GRL)   ZHP2791   06/17    89.31   116.00     89.31    1          .00 2.00     1.79 5.00     4.38          .00       .00   1320.00ZYDDUOLUTBX25000    V20/11/2014
0015562420/11/2014    6 1434ALLEGRA 120.          10`s   AVEN      AVENTIS PHARMA LIMITED        0214540   08/16    90.61   117.68    181.22    2          .00 2.00     3.62 5.00     8.88          .00       .00   1320.00SNFALLEGTB012001    V20/11/2014

Will you please help me?
-Amit Oak

Hi Amit,

How is the data actually divided up?  Are the fields fixed length?  Are they tab-separated?

0015562420/11/2014    8  720DERIPHYLLIN RET. 150.    10`s   07        CADILA HEALTHCARE LTD.(GRL)   ZHP3228   07/17     4.08     5.30     40.80   10          .00 2.00      .82 5.00     2.00          .00       .00   1320.00ZYDDERIPTB015000    V20/11/2014

QBasic can separate some data by just using INPUT #fileno, some_data$

For instance, if I did

OPEN "your_invoices.txt" FOR INPUT AS #1

INPUT #1, first$, second$
PRINT first$, second$


I would get something similar to:

0015562420/11/2014    8

As you can see, your invoice number and date are combined.

If you know if any or all the fields are fixed-size, you could grab a full line and use MID$( line_of_data$, start, length ) to pick the pieces out.

Does that help?


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