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Can you please HELP with the SWAP statement to sort this 2-DIM array.
How do I sort the years in ascending order?

100   DIM Q$(75,3)
110   FOR R = 1 TO 75
120   FOR C = 1 TO 3
130   READ Q$(R,C)
140   NEXT C
150   NEXT R

---          SWAP ?

190   FOR R = 1 TO 75
200   FOR C = 1 TO 3
210   PRINT Q$(R,C)
220   NEXT C
230   NEXT R
240   DATA  "12/20/2014", "Bin:A,Loc.C", "Qty.:20"
241   DATA  "01/31/2015", "Bin:Z,LOC.A", "Qty.:110"
242   DATA  "11/22/2014", "Bin:V,Loc.B", "Qty.:09"
243   DATA  "12/18/2013", "Bin:H,Loc.T", "Qty.:14"
244   DATA  "02/14/2015", "Bin:K,Loc.G", "Qty.:100"
380   END


Hi Rashid,

You should look up the documentation on the SWAP statement.

Here is an example:

DIM a%
DIM b%

a% = 876
b% = 101

PRINT a%, b%
REM 876     101

SWAP a%, b%

PRINT a%, b%
REM 101     876

I hope this helps,


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