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Qigong/How can i use qigong/taoist exercises to improve my life?


Dear Mr Mieir-King,

My name is Ryan and i'm a student from England. I'm 18, and i'm in the last year of my schooling so i feel mentally and physically exhausted everyday. My first understanding of 'chi' came from this book which uses Taoism to improve one's love life. Have you read this?
It's about how a man's semen contains chi, and how abstaining from ejaculation can increase one's quality and longevity of life, along with their love life. Are you familiar with this? I'm still a bit skeptical which is why i wanted to hear your opinion.

Anyway, i am writing to you because i would love to know your techniques and methods for a healthy and strong mind and body. Do you have any techniques i can practice which you can teach me? My main issues are that my mind feels fatigued all the time and my muscles feel weak. I know you don't have these issues as i've seen your youtube videos!

Lastly, as you're someone who has practised Qigong for over 40 years, can you do what this man can do? Or is he just a magician?

Thanks for reading,


P.s. i'll be visiting China this summer (Central China and Sichuan). If you can, is there any places you would recommend?

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for choosing allexperts and me for your questions.  Very interesting question too.  

Wow, well, where to begin with those questions.  

For one thing, I think that it is likely, with your school schedule and demands, that is probably one big reason you feel tired.  

I have not read the book, I have heard of it and I have heard the concept before.  It is a common concept in some systems of Chi Kung.  Yes, it is true, everything contains Chi, including semen.  However, you can't really “store” your chi by abstaining from ejaculation.  Conversely, you can put yourself in a state of physical and sexual exhaustion if you do so too much.  I like to follow the path of common sense.  To me, common sense dictates that it is a natural function of the human body.  I have learned, over the years, that doctors have told men that they were having prostrate and other problems because they were not ejaculating enough.  I supposed you could think of it like “plumbing”, if you don't use somethings they could fall in to a state of disrepair and even have a negative impact on other aspects of your health.  

People cite all kinds of supposed studies that indicate you are physically stronger if you abstain.  Conversely there are other studies that indicate if you abstain it lowers your testosterone and, thus, your strength.  It has been suggested by coaches that athletes not engage in sexual activities before an event as it will impair your performance.  But, it has been found that isn't true.  So both can't be true, wouldn't you agree.  

If you think about it though, and as I already indicated, if you are climaxing all the time, you are going to be physically exhausted at some point.  It is all about moderation in everything that you do.  People have lost sight of moderation.  

Think of your energy like money you have to budget.  Don't spend it all on one thing because then you will not have money to cover other things in your budget.  Focus too much energy into sex and you might not have enough for kung fu or school or other activities you might be interested in.  

You will find all kinds of arguments on the subject.  Arguments for and arguments against.  My appeal is to common sense and moderation which is somewhere in between all of these extreme opinions and positions.  So, take that bit of information for what it is worth and just remember moderation and common sense, I think exercising common sense, moderation and discernment in thought about things will serve you well and better that studies, statistics, etc.  

Thank you for checking out my youtube and your compliment on my energy levels.  I can assure you though that I do have times when I get tired and need rest.  That is an important function.  Knowing when you feel tired and then knowing when to rest.  That is budgeting that energy we spoke of earlier.  To build your energy I'd advise some meditation practices as well as some simple deep breathing exercises coupled with Chi Kung.  Are you involved in any kind of Chi Kung or Kung Fu practices?  If not you might seek out some in your area.  Also, I am going to be producing some books on Chi Kung and accompanying breathing exercises.  I'll also be doing some on meditation.  You should also join my facebook page where I post useful information and also answer questions.  I also post when I release new items like books or DVD's which you can stay abreast of.  My facebook is at –  Feel free to connect with me there and join as well as subscribe.  

On your other questions.   I have actually seen the clip on youtube that you mentioned.  I have had others ask me about it.  Personally, I am skeptical of it.  For one thing, he does not want to be recorded doing the things he does.  Many times a person might perform one of these feats in front of people once, maybe twice.  They begin to pull away at that point and say they don't want to be filmed and give a number of reasons.  Usually it is because if you watch them enough, you'll start to see things you'd question.  

Here is a short story about a magician who did a stunt of lighting a regular light bulb, and a high wattage one at that - – he didn't proclaim any special powers, he just knew a good trick.  

James Hydrick – see the video clips and similarities in what they do:

James Hydrick “moved” things with his “mind” and “power” as well.  But he was exposed.  Look at the clip and other clips and you will learn some things about that.  

Also, when he “creates” fire to burn the paper it is easy to press a small amount of 2 reactive agents together, one to catalyze the other, and when you wad up the paper you make a few gestures over it and want for the 2 substances to react together to start a fire.  If you go back and look at the stunt you will see it at regular speed and at slow speed.  First, notice that the fire rises from the bottom.  That would be the ideal place to put a reactive agent, the bottom when you wad it up.  OK, it is easy for me to dismiss it with just that observation, to easy.  But I'll direct your attention to another thing.  Notice that as the paper burns it makes white smoke.  Most any paper of that sort will make whitish, or dirty white smoke as it burns.  However, watch the backside of the wadded up paper, the side furtherst from the camera.  Notice that there is a distinct plume of black smoke, almost like exhaust, coming from the back side.  Probably coming from what he placed under the paper, it is burning a different color.  If you have a chemistry teacher in school show it to him, I bet he can give you a number of chemicals that would make that black plume of smoke.  I could probably look them up as well but do a little research at school.  You could probably look at a number of magic websites that have stunts for that kind of thing.  Also, these types of chemicals are easy to acquire, even in more primitive cultures.  

As far as the electric shocks he could cause.  There are a number of simple devices a person can wear.  It is similar to having an electric charge from the carpet and shocking someone.  Using the device is just a method to make it stronger and more of a shock and surprise.  I know this because I was curious about it a few years ago having seen this video and also having watched people like David Blane and Chris Angel, they are good and “street magic”.  Look that up as well.  Street magic is a skill where you are able to do things in front of a person and they can't figure it out.  They do some amazing things.  Look them up.  Some of the stunts are set up but the best ones are not set up, it is just pure street magic in front of random people on the street.  You will have a harder time figuring out those stunts than the one you sent me.  

Look at this trick on youtube and imagine what could be done to trick people with this –  

Also, note that it is hidden on his leg.  I am sure it could be made even more concealable.

I could give you a lot more but I think this is a good start to get you thinking and doing some research on your own.  

I hope to see you on facebook and let me know if you have any further questions.  

Sifu Richard Mieir-King


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