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Good Morning. I hope you will be able to assist me. I am considering getting a tattoo on my inner forearms, on the one arm it would say "inhale love" and on the other arm "exhale gratitude" but I do not know which arm receives (inhales) the flow or energy and which arm releases (exhales) the flow of energy. I know that the left side of the body is linked to the feminine energy and the right being linked to the masculine. I am not sure if love is feminine or masculine - love is gentle so one would think its feminine but because its universal it would be greater than, the balance of both! Please could you shed some light for me - THANK YOU VERY MUCH. In light

Hi Sharon,

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Well, in general, and that is a big generalization and simplification, the right palm is supposed to be more the masculine energy, the Yang. The left more Yin. I had often been taught that when I make a fist with the right hand, it is the Yang, masculine, and potentially destructive force. When I cover it with the left hand, that is the Yin, the feminine, the controlling force, when the left hand covers the right fist it moderates and controls the other destructive force or principle. Of course, there are exceptions and, seemingly, contradictions, there are many rules, theories, ideas, etc., the subject can become very complex and there is a lot of ambiguity. Remember, the body is filled with energy, both yin and yang, they are in a state of flux, they wax and wane and ebb and flow, so at any given time, things can change. But not to over complicate the subject and answer it as simply as possible, per your question, I think that is your best bet and direction to go, that is, in general, right/yang, left/yin. I am not a huge fan of tattoos, but I hope it turns out great for you and I hope you like it, good luck on your body art :-).

Sifu Richard Mieir-King


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