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Qigong/breathing in Tai Chi/ Qi Gong


Greetings Teacher, I want to learn Tai Chi/ Qi Gong for I believe the heath aspect will be beneficial to me. However, I am a near-deaf person and trying to learn in a class is embarrassing to me when I can’t understand what is being said. So I decided to learn the basic moves by video then return to a class with a teacher how will be willing to work with me on the corrections. I have viewed a lot of such DVDs and videos to learn the concept of breathing with the movement of the arms and body but a lot of them jump into the movement and may start off saying when to inhale/ exhale then stop saying when to.   Can you answer this series of questioning for me? They are about inhaling/ exhaling…
1.   Opening hand from center, then returning hand to center (energy ball?)?
2.   Raising hand up high (overhead), and then returning? Also executing high/low moves?
3.   Hands while bending down, then raising up?
4.   Opening arms wide, then bring the arms in?
I hope these question give you an idea about the answers I seek for breath, I deep belly breath naturally( loved singing since a baby/ lot of smoke inhalation due to fire) I just have to remember  not to reverse breathing which I can do easily. Please if there is more you can tell me I will appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time and help.
Best Regards.
Melody Williams

Hi Melody,
First of all let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you.  I had done some seminars over the summer and then had someone go in the hospital so I ended up with quite a full plate and a number of things fell behind.  
Thank you for choosing allexperts and me for your question.  
Should you decide to take a class again, some options are to check at hospitals and see if there is a class for those who are hearing impaired or if they have a class with an interpreter.  If it were me, I would certainly welcome an interpreter in class.  Another option, I have had a couple of students that had hearing difficulties, not deaf but a bit of a hearing impairment and it made it difficult.  What they started doing was putting a blue tooth microphone on me which worked well.  I certainly welcome that as well.  
I am a very visual person so it is difficult for me to picture or imagine the moves you are describing but I will give you a general rule of thumb that was once offered to me which is and move that expands, exhale, any move that comes in, inhale, when you are returning to center, breath in, when expanding out or exerting energy , as in a martial arts type movement, exhale.  There might be exceptions based on whether a person is doing pre-natal breathing methods or post-natal breathing methods. But the general rule of thumb I have described is the method most often used by people.  Oh, one other thing, before you spend too much time learning from DVD's, books, etc., first find an instructor, express and explain your situation and then get his agreement, it will likely be easier that way.  And, he might have a variety of ideas for you that you have not considered.  The group dynamic of a class can be very enjoyable.  If it were me I would ask you if you have other friends that might have hearing difficulties and then form a special dedicated class for your group, and you might find such an instructor, or make that suggestion to an instructor.  And, another idea, there is likely to be an organization for people with hearing difficulties you can contact.  Ask them if they know of any Tai Chi instructors locally that have classes for the hearing impaired or if there might be other like minded people with hearing difficulites that would be interested in Tai Chi classes.  
Good luck on your Tai Chi journey and if you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.  
Sifu Richard Mieir-King  


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