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QUESTION: I skated from age 11 to about 35-1959 to the 80s.  I have medals from freestyle up to Gold Bar; Gold medal test, I had all my jumps and spins picked out too, but I got married at 17 and never took either of those tests.  What I am asking is: The OF loop spin was one of the prettiest and most difficult spins to learn but was one of the BEST when you DID learn it.  How come you never see that spin in competition?  I only see camels, sit spins (Jackson Haynes we called them), inverted camels, broken ankle, heel  spins and traveling camels.  What the heck happened to freestyle between then and now?  It is all JUMPS. Not much fun to watch anymore.  Too predictable.

ANSWER: I skated in the late 48s-50's.  I can tell you that since the equipment and skating surfaces have improved they have been able to do much more difficult jumps and spins than before.  
If you ever have done an inverted camel, broken ankle heel spins you would know that they are more difficult than the upright (OF Loop Spin as we called it then).  The tests and competition have moved forward.  You will see the upright spins in the C divisions and first few tests. The uprights will not give you as many points as the Camel Spins, Sit Spins etc.
You may also remember the cross foot spin.....it was a really nice spin but it is not difficult enough to use as a requirement in freestyle anymore.  If you were working on your Gold Medal freestyle, then you will realize why these spins of that era are not used anymore in competition, but still are in tests. Time marches on.

The one thing that I can say is, since they have made Triples compulsory the skaters are working so hard on them that they forget "how to skate" in betweeen.  They don't know how to show expression as they are so tied into making that triple jump in their routine.

But..... "it is what it is".


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QUESTION: Ok, if the upright spins are still in tests, are there any videos of anyone in those divisions online, so I can SEE the spins in question again? In my Gold Medal routine, I was working on: camel, jump change camel, inverted camel, jump camel,  and camel sit change camel sit.  Jumps were Double flip, double OB loop, double Euler and Double salchow.  I just wish I could have taken the tests I trained for. Thanks for the info.  I know we have to move on but I still like to see things the way WE did them.  I was working on Gold Medal dance, too.  And silver medal speed.  Oh the memories......

If you look at You Tube you might find some of that on video, however I don't have the URL for that.
If you would like I can send you by pdf file the listing of the current tests we have in place now so you can compare, but I can't attach it here so email me at:

I will send you that so you can see the changes that have taken place.  (A LOT)

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