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My daughter is turning ten in September and she has asked for a pair of roller skates this year that are the color turquoise. She had skates when she was younger but only used them a few times before she lost interest, however I believe it had a lot to do with her age at the time and the low quality of the equipment she was using. The man that I am in a relationship with and his fifteen year old daughter have been jam skating for years and are both quite good so I feel comfortable with the thought of spending more money than previously. I have looked online at a few brands (Vanilla, Boxer, Riedell), I just want to make an informed purchase as well as one my daughter will love. Can you please help me in finding a stylish and comfortable solution in the process of educating me in a recreation I know absolutely nothing about?  

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Unfortunately I am not familiar with Jam skating equipment.  I am a Roller Figure Skating Coach and the equipment is totally different.  I suggest you go to a local rink and talk to the skate shop.  Be sure you don't buy in a retail department store equipment as you would want the quality that will last, and be the proper size, style.  Sorry I cannot help you with this.
Good Luck with your new sport.....

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Have been an Artistic USARS Roller Figure Skating Coach (Quad) since 1954 in the Northwest Region, coaching figures, freestyle, pairs, dance, creative solo and Precision Team events, and was a former competitive skater and national placewinner. Holds a Gold Medal Proficiency Test in Dance Skating.


Has been teaching for 52 years in the Northwest, coaching many National Winners in Freestyle, Dance, Figures, Creative Solo and Precision Team skating. I hold a Gold Medal Proficiency Test in Dance skating and coached a skater who placed 3 times in 4 World competitions and she also was the Pan Am Champion in Ladies Freestyle. I have coached 5 US National Bronze Medal Precision Teams who participated in 3 World Championships.

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