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I am looking for Quaker Meetings active today in western N.C.
From reading internet sites,  I would identify with Conservative Friends.  I would like to move to a retirement community in western N.C. and would like know where Meetings which meet weekly are located.

Thank you.

Dear Constance, Thank you for your question.

I'm here to answer simple questions about Quakerism from the general public.

Information about particular Meetings are usually available on the website for that Meeting. There are also directory-type websites that list the Meetings and contact people for each meeting.

Please try searching for this information yourself, using search engines such as google.com (or your favorite engine).

If you come up with a dead end, and cannot find any information at all, not even a starting point for your own networking, let me know and I'll do some searching for you. I feel reasonably certain that the information you want is out there on the web, ready for you to find.

Yours in the Light,

David Spector


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David Spector


I can answer questions about Quakerism and the Religious Society of Friends from a Universalist (non-Evangelical, unprogrammed) point of view, particularly questions about Quaker religious practice.


I have been a practicing Friend since approximately 1998 and have been active in attending and helping to organize Friends' activities, such as retreats run by our Meeting.

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I am a member of Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA).

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