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Quality Assurance/Sanity testing - what does it really mean?


There is a concept in Software testing that is referred to as Sanity testing. What should be the approach taken to Sanity testing esp. if you have a large complex software product. Should you essentially just treat it like a smoke test or treat a sanity test as going around the application clicking and making sure that things open????

References to "Sanity" testing I've heard, are references to bounds testing.  For example, a given piece of code has inputs.  Code that processes the input expects the input to have certain characteristics, or to not have certain characteristics.  Sanity checks are run to determine what actually happens when the expectations aren't met.

What it means will depend on how the organization views software reliability.  Perhaps upper and lower limits are used to ensure the code works.  Perhaps a value that is 1 greater than the upper and 1 smaller than the lowest are used to see if the code can handle the errant data.  Perhaps still, a certain number of "out-of-value" values are required for testing.

Does this help?
- John

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