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Quality Control - TQM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000/quality improvement road map guideline


QUESTION: recently i was asked by one my client about my company's quality improvement road map. i was taken a back by his question. im stil new in this industry so this is the 1st time i come across this. could u explain further on this matter and could u provide a guideline or some sort in order for me to understand this matter better? im in the electronic assembly industry. thank you in advance for your help.

ANSWER: The quality improvement road map is a term I have not heard used in this context.  Basically a road map in general terms is a company's policies, procedures and instructions on how a company has put in place to improve the quality of their products or services.  In the electronic industry there are constantly new technology being created.  A quality roadmap would involve how improvements are evaluated as to their application to an individual company.

Each company is different but there needs to be a process for quality improvement of any product or service and the road map would identify how this would be achieved including the policies, procedures and any evaluation activity.  Improvements are always going to be developed and to stay in business and keep customers and/or get new ones a company must have a process for achieving improvements in the quality of what they produce.  The process created is their road map to quality improvement.

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QUESTION: as im stil new in the industry, i have tried to improve the operating standard as well as the guideline. so far i only achieve a small improvement despite my best effort. could u recommend and give ideas on how to improve the staff's skills and discipline. i beginning to love this job but its driving me nuts over the reliability of the operators on production as well as the quality control.

I would look at the contractual requirements both for the products and the quality requirements.  I would then look at the training employees have received compared to industry standards/best practices and compare the best practices with what employees are now doing.

In addition I would look at the language currently in place and get some feedback as to their understanding of the instructions/procedures in place to determine if some clarification is needed to clearly convey the requirements in terms anyone can understand.  This may be a long process dependent upon the quantity of procedures/instructions you have in place so I would take it one step or process at a time.  As you improve one area you will move on to the next.

Reliability of the equipment can also be a concern as it may not necessarily be the fault of an operation but the equipment.  I would get input as to opinions from operators about the equipment they use if it is up to the requirements to produce a product meeting both expectations and contractual requirements.

Quality Control - TQM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000

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