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Bedpan wrote at 2007-05-15 21:36:41
It could also be that having gone back to tell Beth, history was changed, that Al returned and had the children with Beth, and that he did not become involved with Quantum Leap it may not have been invented, so Sam had no home to return to?  

Ben wrote at 2007-06-14 15:09:35
when asked about this donald p bellsario just said, "sam is still out there leaping through time". originaly sam was ment to leap into a bar in space 500 years into the future and then al leaped aswel and was there and then it finished that was what was ment to happen if the show was definetly coming back.

walter wrote at 2007-10-12 07:31:22
i guess dr.sam beckett didn't come home again cause inadvertently-he had-did- altered his time lines and space in between all his leaps and correcting somehow, maybe unwittingly he had changed future history and in the end it worked out to that he has no more place in the future- as per- the one that he had left behind in 1995. but it would be really nice to have a proper closing for this incredibly imaginative show.

Keith wrote at 2008-06-13 07:11:09
This is my interpretation of the reason that Sam never returned home: I don't believe that the writers quite meant to convey that he always could do so on his own. I think that this is a common misconception, and they wanted us to understand that he needed help from Al's end. During the episode, Al appeared several times to reassure Sam that he had almost solved the problem of Sam leaping home, and that Sam would be able to do so at any time. It was also mentioned that the others on the project had long since given up, and only Al was persisting, based on the strength of his friendship with Sam. When Sam chose to alter Al's past, he created an alternate reality in which he and Al never met, because Al never worked on the project. For that reason, nobody remained on the project to find a way for Sam to return home, dooming him to "leap forever", and to do so all alone. In this sense, his gift to Al was the ultimate sacrifice; moreso even than if he had given his life.

Raymond wrote at 2008-08-10 05:15:57
Sam could always not only leap home, but leap to wherever and whenever he chose, as Al the bartender said.  He didn't because he had something to put right, for Al.  After fixing Al's future with Beth he never returned home because there is always another time and place where he can help... this is Sam's nature and so he will continue to leap from life to life, putting right what once went wrong and is now [presumably] freed from "needing" Al and Ziggy to guide him.

barryc wrote at 2009-06-04 07:48:45
Interestingly enough, "Al the Bartender" in the final episode mentions how often we here stories of the "dead coming back to help the living".  I believe Sam never returns home because he was in fact dead all along.  Once he died in the start of the series he began leaping through time to help people much like Al's uncle in the final episode -- who was taken at the moment of death through time to help the miners in the final episode.  However, with Sam, his body was gone when he died because of the Quantum Leap, and Al & Gushy & Ziggy were able to use the technology from the Quantum Leap project to go back and time and observe Sam wherever he had leaped to.  Al never realizes that Sam is dead and neither does Sam.  But all along, Sam is just another dead person helping the living.  That's my take on it anyway.

harmon55 wrote at 2009-06-05 02:20:09
I agree with both of the last two answers.  I understood the last episode to mean that Sam had control to leap wherever he wanted.  But in the end, his nature and meaning of creating Quantum Leap was to help people, so he wasn't going to sacrifice that just to come home.  

But to do that, he needed to take care of Al, so he had to do a great sacrifice for Al, and by doing so he loses Al's guidance and friendship in future leaps, but Sam knew that was the best thing for Al, so he did it anyway

Mahjabeen wrote at 2010-05-13 13:57:50
Hi - I think Raymond's interpretation is absolutely correct. In fact, I never thought that this point was vague or indetermined. Sam realises that he can help people and so he does. I thought that originally he didn't intervene with Al and Beth because Sam felt that he couldn't use the leaps for (either his own or Al's) personal gain. do you remember the episode where Sam  leaped into Vietnam and right at the end it was revealed that a photographer had captured a shot of Al as a prisoner and Al never revealed any of this to Sam himself?

Ruby wrote at 2012-01-14 22:18:56
Thanks to Sam's invention he and others were selected by a higher authority to go out to help people.  I feel he was made to understand that in the last show, so no he doesn't go back home...he wasn't meant to and he knew it.

strangevisitor wrote at 2012-06-30 06:05:25
hhmmm...well, I don't really get the bar at the end either, except that Al the bartender implies that it was like a sabbatical, and that the leaps would get harder. I also think that there is too much evidence that Sam is alive for him to have been dead the whole show (i.e. switching places with Al and going home, leaping into a legless man but maintaining the ability to walk, children seeing the real him, fathering a child, ect.#. I do think that the dead helping the living was meant to imply there are other ways do what he does, but that those souls have one wrong to right, and can't move on until they do, where as Sam is alive and has put himself into the game, and so can do more good. Sam knows that he is unique in the kind of good he can do and can't really be replaced, and so won't stop as long as he thinks he can help others. finally, I don't know if saving Al's marriage would prevent the 2 from meeting as I don't know if the show ever addressed how they met, only that they worked together on project starbrite, and Al has a tendency to remember both before and after timelines in a leap, probably due to their brainwaves being in sync), so Al would most likely still be part of the project, but I think that Sam's leaping at the end without replacing some other person in that time might have prevented Al from reestablishing contact again, and that Sam might have known that.

Kahlan6 wrote at 2012-07-02 15:17:14
I agree with the last answer...and i have to add that maybe becouse Sam knew that he wont be able to "leap back home" he had to give his life, maybe his oportunity, for Al's life and happiness...becouse if NOT , then Al would be searching for Sam for the rest of his life...and Sam could not allowed him to do that so hi Did the ultimate sacrifice and this way he says goodbye to his best friend... Sad really :( but i think it was the best of the few tv series that didnt ended with "live happilly ever after" eventhou i was hoping for a end like that for Dr. Samuel Beckett...

Renee F wrote at 2012-08-29 09:35:53
Yes, I had tape  the final episode and watched it at 5:09 am. Sitting there alone in the silence I felt sad. I understood what Sam had to do for Al. The friendship bond between them both and a decision that had to be made with Sam giving his life for the life of his friend.  Wonderful end and I hope Donald P. Bellsario continue to write a show or movie to give the fans a vision of his upcoming leaps, righting wrong and injustice through Project Quantum Leap.

Bullwhacker wrote at 2013-02-09 11:56:03
No Sam never went "Home"..

There was no home - the original time line to go back to..

Simple Temporal Paradox Theory..

In the episodes we saw time being changed - the future; remember the "senator" that was going to cancel the project and it was changed?

When Sam helped Al and Al marriage was save; the future was changed; no quantum Project and they never met due to again changed history.

Sam was still in this "new" future; but no longer the "original" Sam; since he now never had existed..  

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