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My wife left me 6 years and took all of our belongings and our son with her.  She came back 2 years later.  While she was gone, she relinquished the home solely to me and I completely refurnished the home including utensils and linen.  

We tried to make the marriage work a second time but I caught her cheating with another man.  She has since filed several bogus restraining orders on me to keep me away from my home.

Each time the judge dismissed the claims suggesting there was no evidence.  Now, the home is going into foreclosure whereby it is only affecting my credit because the home is solely in my name.  Is there anything I can do to get my soon-to-be ex-wife out of our home so that I can have exclusive occupancy.

I have tried filing an Order-to-Show Cause and the judge sent us to mandatory counseling to no avail.  She feels she deserves half including all the furnishings that I purchased when you abandoned our home 6 years prior.  

Your thoughts...

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Hi, Charles -

I'm with you.  I don't think she should get any of it.  But I'm not a lawyer, and the law is a whole other story.  Your state might have a legal hotline that you can find from the state bar association.  Perhaps you could find some advice there.  I'm really sorry you're going through this.

Take care,
Good luck to you!
Jan Harrell, PhD
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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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