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Hi  Richard,

An older mature man might state "The only thing that marriage would provide that I don't have is a meaningful sexual relationship."

Whereas an older mature woman would state "The only thing that marriage would provide that I don't have is a meaningful ROMANTIC relationship."  And she might add, the sex would just be gravy.

Whereas for the man, the ROMANCE isn't really such gravy.

How is that fair ?

I'm hard pressed to believe that SEX to women is as "insignificant" as ROMANCE is to men.

That's gotta be the most frustrating thing in all the world.

What's gives man ?


First of all let's get the obvious out of the way, men and women are different.  Their sexual desires are different and their definition of sex is different.  One good example might be when a male is unable to perform during a sexual encounter the man will feel frustration but the woman may feel satisfaction because of the act of intimacy and not the conclusion of it.

Women love sex, they truly do but what they love is the long term companionship, the feelings of security, the bonding and of course the physical pleasure.  For men you can turn those terms around starting with pleasure and ending with companionship, it's just the opposit really but with the same end result, a commitment to stay together.

If you want good sex with a women you need to help them feel secure, loved, chairshed and wanted.  When you can get to that level your sex with her will be erotic and exciting.  If she wants good sex she needs to help the man feel strong,  viral, and needed.  When she does that men will do almost anything for the woman, it really is a win win when they work together to build a long term loving relationship.

Hope that helps.  If you need  more clarification or if y don't agree feel free to  ask away.


Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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After 30 years of marriage and 10 children I can comfortably answer questions about developing or salvaging a strong marriage relationship.


Relationships fail almost exclusively due to individual selfishness or inappropriate activities outside of the marriage contract. Almost any marriage can be salvaged and can flourish. There are exceptions, adultery, abuse and addictions may sever the trust to such an extent that a marriage may not survive.

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