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Hello Vani,

An older mature man might state "The only thing that marriage would provide that I don't have is a meaningful sexual relationship."

Whereas an older mature woman would state "The only thing that marriage would provide that I don't have is a meaningful ROMANTIC relationship."  And she might add, the sex would just be gravy.

Whereas for the man, the ROMANCE isn't really such gravy.

How is that fair ?

I'm hard pressed to believe that SEX to women is as "insignificant" as ROMANCE is to men.

That's gotta be the most frustrating thing in all the world.

What's gives man ?


Hi Dave,

Apologies for this delay, my father was in the hospital and was unable to reply in time. The view that you have shared here is an extreme one, not all men find the idea of romance alien and same applies to women. Yes, when it comes to accepting the same in public and in totality, most would hesitate. The reason being conformity to social mores. Women can't be talking about sex or giving it undue importance in life!! That's how they have been reared and so have their mothers and grandmothers. Same is the case with men - if they are too kindled by romance they would come across as soft. But times are a changing and these issues are now more affected by social setting rather than by gender.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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