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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/After Child birth my wife behaviour changed


QUESTION: Just to update of my earlier conversation,

Today she has send me MMS of my child photo and on marriage anniversary i.e. on 14th December, also she has send me child photo only  

One side she miss me on other hand she don't want to loose her ego.  or with the help of child she want to full fill her "Zidde"

I really say tanks to you, that you read my mail and understand my feelings and give your important time and give your guidance.

If possible then i really want to meet u personally and say thanks to you.

ANSWER: Hi Rakesh,

You are right that she is just being stubborn, so it's time that you handled her with strict words and action as per my earlier mails. Once you have given the cheque, email/sms her brother too saying that you are thankful for his help in time of need but you are returning the money now.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Before i take any stapes, she start calling in my office and talke to my couleges.

Now a day's in every compnay politics is going on, and she is not understanding at all.

right now i am working as Finance Manager and working from last aroung 12 Year's in same company, every one call me 'sir', and after her behaviour, might be some take dis-advantage and distroy my image also.

After this stape of her, i feel that there is no meaning to talk to her. or in future also i feel that there is no meaning to continue any relation with here,

when she destroy the image and reputation of her husbad and family.

Today morning in temple her other anti "Fuie" meet me, she also told that Jigna is not listing to anyone, even she is not listen to her Grand Mom, Father & Brother also.

Thanks a lot for your guideline but now i am feel tiered. only i worry that what is the future of Child now ??


Sorry for the delay in replying it was due to the untimely demise of my father. Guess you still will have to pay her brother back and then cut off all ties with her for a while. She is now doing things to get you to react and pay attention. So be stern and deal with this tactfully. You can also let some office colleagues know that your wife is hell bent on ruing your name, this would help if she were to spread lies.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am expressing my deepest feelings of sympathy and condolence towards you and your family on the event of your fatherís untimely death. You shall forever be in my prayers. Hope the lord showers you with strength and comfort.

You are doing great job, definitely you father soul satisfied and bless you.

I have meet my wife brother along with his friends, That time he has not accepted the Cheque.,  Then after 2 day's he pass message through his friends, that he want amount in Cash and one more conditional that i don't have to disclose to any one.  I have refuse that proposal,  

I praposed them that, either i can give you amount in cheque and not going to disclose to any one., and if you want amount in cash then i can pay this amount in front of your 2-3 relative and from our side 2-3 relative we have to invite.  

Then after 2 day's his friends told me that they are ready to accept the cheque. and they are going to give you call on Saturday.

And on Sunday my wife call me and told me that i am going to Virpur for "JALARAM MANDIR DARSHAN " and not received any call from her family.

They plane purposely, because this 9th Feb' is my birthday, that's why they plane of travel from 05th feb to 12th feb.,

and on my birthday she send me only message, she doesn't have curtsy to call and not from her family any one call me.  they are only playing with my emotion

In fact friends is good that he call me on my birthday.,

From her relative, i heard that after coming from travel she is going to arrange meeting. and in meeting first she demand money and she want that my parents go at her place.,   

I am not going to accept her condition. and i don't want that my parents should go at her place, if she want money then i still handover the chq.

Pl. guide, this stapes of my right or not ??

Hi Rakesh,

Thanks so much for the kind words. Do not involve your parents in any manner. It's best that you pay by cheque so that tomorrow if they were to deny it, you will have proof. Good idea to have few people from both sides as witnesses. Don't bother much on her behaviour, she is completely smitten by her family and will soon realize how wrong she has been. Put up your birthday pics on facebook as if you had a great party, tit for tat.



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