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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/I am having a hard time trusting my husband


When my husband and I met he went out of his way to be the most Romantic man in the world. However, right after the marriage he completely stopped... And I'm feeling trapped...I just recently found out I am pregnant... But he also told me something that devastated me. He told me he had a son. He always told me he never had any children. We dated for three years and were married for two months till he finally told me... I felt like my heart broke.. I lost all trust in him... I know it's very bad of me... But I can't help but feel like he is always going to lie to me... It's completely involuntary... No matter how hard I try I can't feel happy around him... It doesn't help that he told me "to just accept and deal with it"... I don't want to be a bad wife... I want to be happy... But he lied to me for our whole relationship.. He lied to my family and worse my mother... It's embarrassing... I just need help... He won't talk to me about it at all.

Dear Sari,

Congratulations on you pregnancy! God Bless!

Now...All men and women pretty much change after marriage. The romantic period is very limited in some cases.

The issue here is not the lack of romance, but the deception.

I strongly suggest counseling, to see if together you can arrive at your unhappiness and with good reason your lack of trust.
If only because you have a new  life coming into the world and your responsibility to either continue in the marriage, which if you do decide then must be harmonious and loving to nurture this new life. Or to end the marriage, and again because of the new life end it in a loving and harmonious way.

Deception is one of the hardest things to deal with, once it enters a relationship it hovers over like a black cloud, taints every image with doubt and suspicion. But i have known of cases where if both parties in the relationship are willing to be honest from this moment forward it can work, it will take time but it is possible.

Find a good marriage counselor and go even if your husband does not wish to for now, it will help you deal with your emotions that are being transferred to the Baby.... later when you are more centered you can make him join you an ultimatum. But for now take care of your self and the life you are carrying that is most important!

I hope I was able to help, and wish you many blessings!


Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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