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Hi, thank you for taking the time to advise people, I apologize if this question is a bit lengthy.  I am 21 and married with a newborn. Before the baby was born my wife (whom I love very much) and I got along very well, we had the occasional argument, which were usually short livid, but few serious fights and we communicated very well when it came to most issues, since the child was born however, we seem to argue more then not. What was once a very relaxed atmosphere when we are together has been largely replaced by tension and stress ( not always, but alot of the time)I have a full work and school schedule, but I do try and help with the baby as much as possible, it doesn't seem to help. It seems every day she slips away more and I am becoming really frightaned. I apologize for the length once again, obviously, u do not have to answer, but any advice would be great. All the best

Hello Charles,

Parenthood is extremely challenging, and more so at a young age such as yours.

Your wife be going through post-partum symptoms very normal.
Be patient, with yourself and your wife.
My advise:
Seek counseling for new and young parents, and try to communicate as much as you can your feeling and stressors.
You are not alone and there is no need to be frightened, what you are going through is normal.

Pregnancy is life changing for a women physically and emotionally, her whole identity is being challenge, and molded.
You as well!

You and your wife are blessed with a new life, take care of yourselves, the Baby deserves it!


Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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