Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/divorce


.  M sanjana I got married in 2012 my husband shows me that he was working in call centre for exp coz he want to open his own call centre but it was a Lia  after marriage he was not working and I did one mistake my told him my past relationship to my ex boy frnd before marriage n he was k for that n I was happy tat me n my hubby has no secret btw us he had 4ex gf in his life n I was k for him too but his parents want daury of20lakh my father said no to them he is not able to then my husband was saying tat I will take care don't worry then we his family n my family will give 10lakh for me as a gift before marriage game was showing that he is a very understanding husband but after marriage his mother started me to bring things like sares from my home ghee 17kg from my home 20kg pickle n etc on every festival on one festival she want 14sarees by the sake of prathas n if I say to to them my mother in law use to spoil my n my husband mind by saying some bad things that m not a gud wife m not taking care of my husband n my husband is allao started saying U dnt love me U love ur ex bf n one day my ex bf called to my brother to wish him holi festiv unlucky I called my bro on sametime I talked him n wishes him holi n said tad my husband is gud m happy whatever happened in my past m happy n I end up my call but my husband is so suspecting so i got afraid to hide this n i informed my husband tat i talked to my ex bf but m intensin was not wrong n my husband created a issue he started yelling n using abusive language n after few days its a daily Turin to fight on day topic Evan his moter was fighting with me for some other thing then allso our fight will end up with day saying that i hv another relation and one day he called my father to informed that i hv a relationship to other person n he n his family insulted me n my family a lot on that day i came back to my fathers home n my husband started sating come back but i was afraid to go back dnt wanted to suffer again with all those topics n her mother Harris me a lot so i told to my husband to earn for himself n stay apart from his parents coz his mother n father use to haris me alot by reminding things n saying she is not allowed to shut her room when my husband is not in home n m not allowed to sleep in day theumy fixed rimming in morning to get up at 6 n cook food for them till 8 n in ev to till 8 my husband was nit physically fit he was using vegra oil for his organ he was not satisfied by his own body n he is sharing these stupid things with her mother she gave him those oils n she use to saying do not lock ur rooms in day coz he use to do sex in day allso coz he was not working nbin night her mother use to look in to our room my husband himself told me mummy is looking so put Curtin between door now I dnt want to go back with him coz he keepon saying that I hv a relationship with my ex n he files a FALSE fir against my ex bf that he was trying to keep physical relationship with me nbhe gave lot of thretin to my husband that leave ur wife otherwise I will kill U he blame my brother too such as many FALSE sentances my husband father uses abusive language for me n said we dnt want that girl back she is a character less girl
Nd one day my father called his father plz do not give all those FALSE satements they then he replid in a usive languages n they made fir on against my father that my father wants to kill his family  after one month we files a case against him 420'daury n Harriment carges plz guide me what do i do his father is allso a lawyer before marriage Thu were saying that he is a highcourt lawyers but now in meadation he confused that he is a non practices lawyer n  now my husband is saying i love U sanjana co.e back in same home on his job he is not saying that he will do or not one yr is gone he is not gone for any job n no future planning all things R fake from his side 2meadation is on 9jan they have end up our first meation by saying they want some time to think that how much money they can give but i dnt think so that they will go e me any money i dnt hv any thing with me not my gold nor money so way do i do compromise with him n go back to cure my parents from All these tendon or fight for my self my ex bf is allso surfing he was not a bad man he was ready to get married with me shin coz to explain someone else way went wrong i thing to get married with my ex coz he knows everything is this wrong or not plz help me i dnt know what to do my husband is not a gud man he was torchring me by saying U hv other relationship but i dnt hv i loved my husband so much he was not physically fit he was not able to satisfies me then allso i loved him but now i dnt k love him coz he disrespect me alot n my family too n he hv lot of gf Evan in there relations he slept with her masi she  called him after marriage.any times but i kept quite for my marriage. Sake .wat to i do

Hello Sanjana,

Thanks for writing in and dropping a word. It takes a lot to open up about issues in the back of the mind and when its related to our heart, it takes guts to pen down left alone talk with someone about the same. I appreciate your gesture in pouring your heart felt emotions and seeking a helping hand for the same. Kudos to you !!!

Well I can very well understand what you must be going through and trust me the way you have described, I can feel the pain you experiencing every day. It's worst when a lady gives her best in marriage and makes sure everyone around her is happy, is neglected by her husband and is ill treated . Add to that when a man can't even sexually satisfy a lady, it's indeed miserable life. You are human who deserves the right to live, enjoy life and also have the right pleasure to satisfy your physical needs , as its natural desire of body. You should stand up and raise your voice once and let him and his family know what you going through. You should stick to firm stand once you make and let him abide by that. deprive him of physical pleasures and make him realize that to touch you, he needs to respect you as a wife and give proper care.

For me to help you better, I would suggest you to drop me a mail and tell me in detail more about things, so that I can tell you how to make him realize his faults and respect you.

Just go out and give your best and  things would fall in place...

All the best !!

Relationship Counsellor
Bringing smiles on the faces on the way .....

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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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