Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/update of my earlier conversation,


QUESTION: As guide by you, this Saturday i call my wife to meet me outside and that time i give her gift (2 MUG on that my and my child & wife photo printed) and along with that i put the chq. envelope inside the gift.

Now she told me that " I am ready to stay in joint family" but first My mother call her father and my Mother and father both go and meet her father and she want to put some condition"

I refuse her proposal, I have given 2 option to her

1. I am alone come and meet your father and talk and then you have to come with me.


2. Your father should call my mother, then Only my mother come at your house. (And no one should insult my parents )

After she reached home, i told her that inside gift one envelope is their, it's for your brother, and she call me back why you give chq. i told her that "whatever loan given by your brother that i am returning now"

and today morning i send SMS to her brother saying that "I am thankful for your help in time of need, but i am returning the money now, vide 064401"

Now let see what happen, in that if i am wrong any where then pl. let me know.

ANSWER: Hi Rakesh,

Wait and watch should be your policy now. Let time takes its course but do not agree to some stupid rules that she is forcing you to. Your parents have nothing to do with this and should be kept out of it all.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Chq. is not clear from my account, it show that they have not deposited that chq. should i call and ask my wife, why you have not deposited chq. any spelling mistake in chq. or what ??

She has too much ego, i ask on this sunday when i meet her "Why u have not salute my parents when they come to meet veer in hospital ?"

she reply "Why should i salute (PAGE LAG VU )your parents

She still calling to some of my relative, but she never give call to me,

from last 2 month i have not given call and i have not meet my son also,

What should i do ? Should i alone go at her house and meet my child or just wait and watch.

"I feel that she is girls and she can't express her feeling in front of her father and brother, and her mother is no more, so her brother and father have to understand", --- this message i forwarded to her brother friends,

Hi Rakesh,

Any news on the cheque? If it's not en-cashed yet call up her brother and talk to him. Reiterate that you don't want 2 families to be at loggerheads just for some petty amount, so he should encash it. Yes, it should still be wait and watch. I am sure it's very difficult not to be with your baby but you don't have much choice.



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