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I'm 19 years old, and my sister is 15. We have always been a family, moving around a lot across the globe but always stable and happy.
My parents seemed happy too.
My dad moved to Vietnam for work about a year ago, to earn more money for us all, and we stayed here.
Everything still seemed fine, except this morning, my dad calls my mom to tell her he wants a divorce. Nobody was expecting this, not his sister, his parents, or any of us. But he says he's been thinking about it for four years.
He told me he still loves my mother, and that there are reasons why he's doing this, only he can't tell me them yet. He promised to call this week to tell me everything.
I'm heartbroken, and my sister as well, all of us are of course, but my mother shouldn't be alone. She is a good woman, who deserves love and a stable marriage. I don't understand how my father could do this, and although I still love him, I can't believe any of this. The father I remember loves my mother. And I remember him being that man as long ago as yesterday, when he called me for my birthday and said he couldn't wait to see us all again.
I don't understand... what could be a possibly logical explanation for which my family is falling apart after so many years of everything going perfectly well between them?

Hi Tessa,

It's possible that he met someone in Vietnam and took this sudden decision but is masking it by saying he has been considering it for long. Or your parents really had serious issues which they would not let you know about, for the fear that you would feel hurt. You are now old enough to sit with your Mom and discuss this. Be a friend and confidant to her,  let her know that nothing changes but you need to know what's been going on. Once you have had this discussion, then face your Dad, ask him the real reason.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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