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My wife has an ex boyfriend from 2001, he got divorced in 2011 and he and my wife have been talking on Facebook.  She said it was to support him through a tough time but it has grown into an emotional affair.  She is ready to leave me and wants to move back home (4,000 km away) with the kids to be with him.  She suggests we move home as a family because that will make her happy, but I feel if we do it will result in the same divorce except we are now home and I have a lousy job.   What do I do?  What can I do?

Hi Nathan,
Your spouse having an emotional affair with someone else can be very stressful and one of the most difficult things to deal with. It appears you have requested a consultation with me on my website I will cover this in detail with you then.
In the meantime, and for the benefit of anyone else reading this who is in a similar situation, I would suggest you try something a bit counterintuitive. Tell her she is welcome to go (don't put pressure on her) - but also tell her that you will be keeping the children with you and that you are not moving. This puts the ball in her court. Try it and see what reaction you get.
All the best,

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