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"My name is Linda,I am 40 years old and my husband and I have been married for 20 years. We are going to stay in our in house that we time share in Florida. We asked our son (16)2 months ago if he wanted to come with us he said no. So my husband and I planned to go oursleves, I got really excited for the romantic getaway. A few days ago my son complained that he didn't get to go and really wanted to, so my husband said that he could come. I wanted a romantic SEXcation with my husband, now its a house so we will have a private bedroom so we will get alone time. But I toned up and get two really sexy skimpy bikinis that I am going to wear on the vacation, now I am worried that my son who originally said he wasn't coming is going to feel when mom and dad are in the bedroom because we need some time alone and how is he going to feel about the bikinis, I originally wanted to get really frisky on the beach with my husband and with these bikinis he is going to have his hands all over me.What should I do? I have included links to them below please look at the bikins and let me know how you feel and what I should do.""

Hi Linda,

Your husband is a lucky man.   Couples do need to get away from the kids for one of those sexcations as you mentioned.  I think it is a great idea.  Your son is 16 and 16 year olds are often pretty mature.   However seeing mom and dad acting like sex maniacs on the beach might be a little much for him.  So talk with your son.   Make sure he understands that you and dad are on a "second honeymoon"  and that you expect to need a LOT of private time.  Are there any things for your son to do in the area where he can spend a day away from the house?  Try to set up planned times where he is out for the day so you can use those bikinis to the fullest.  Make some plans for him for some evenings out too that are safe for him.

Have lots of  "FUN"

Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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