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We've been married for 10 years in September I had this gut feeling something was wrong we were losing communication he was acting distance and then the truth comes out he's changing because of another woman he started picking fights with me over small things just so he can leave to disappear with her he's now being totally disrespectful to our family he comes and go with no warning and he lies big time we need help its getting worse our family is spiraling out of control because of him not putting a end to this fling with her....what to do he's in the military I know they won't allow him to behave this way I'm so tired of fighting by myself I don't want this to tear our marriage apart we have small kids to raise and they deserve both there help for us????

Hi Shonta,
its almost impossible to account for,why people cheat, because no one ever thinks they will be cheated on or that they will cheat. As he knows you know he has cheated, its almost a way for him to keep his attitude open, in the way it is now. The only way i can see for you to do get any movement ,is to confront him, in a controlled way;ask him what he wants from the marriage.The answers he will give will define your responses. The only way forward is for him to come "clean" and admit to what he wants from his life;as he is ruining your life as he moves forward with his.
I wish you luck,There is always hope in your marriage,but he has to want that too.  

Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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38 years of marriage.

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