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I feel like my husband and I have disconnected. We argue nearly everyday. I want to be able to talk and for us t be happy like we were in the beginning of our relationship. What can I do o ease the tension between us?

Hi Crystal,
Thanks for contacting me and it is good that you are willing to take steps to improve your marriage. The first thing to do is to identify why the disconnection has taken place. Presumably it has happened over time, rather than suddenly but what has caused it? Is it stress from other things that have affected your relationship (financial, children, etc)? Has your relationship become stale and dull? Do you no longer feel that you share the same interests and outlook? Have you forgotten how to communicate?
Once you do that, you can begin to look at changing the causes of the disconnection, rather than the disconnection itself. For instance, dealing with the stresses in a different way, making your relationship more interesting by doing new and different things and learning to communicate in a way that makes you both feel good about each other.
It's often a case of identifying what 'worked' in the relationship at the beginning and doing those things again.
This is a process but you can get there. If you think your husband is willing to work with you on it then all the better.
If you would like more help please have a look at my website program as I think that will help you a lot.

I hope this gives you something to work with.

All the very best,


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