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My friend got married about a year back. He is quite handsome but his wife is not that much. Though he treats her well, she has a complex that compared to him she is not that good looking. She used to work before marriage but has not continued working after that. Off late she has started saying peculiar things. If money got over in her purse she shouts at her husband that "I am not a beggar, to keep asking you for money... etc". He has a doubt that she has purposefully aborted the child 2 times already. They are both above 30 years and feel he feels its high time they have kids. He has come to myself & my husband for advice. Please let me know how we can help in this case.

Hi Smita,

It is very much possible that all the insecurity related to her looks is causing so much chaos in her life. He should first try and convince her to take up a job, but this has to be done very subtly.  Once she has financial independence she would realise that looks do not matter after a while. Your friend needs to be sure that she has purposely aborted before, a mere guess work in this case would only complicate matters. When things aren't so good between them, planning a kid will only add to the pressure on her. Could you ask him to write to me please and that way I can help him better.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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