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Hi, my common law wife of 7 years has given me an ultimatum. Either I take down the magazine pic of a bikini-clad girl from my workshop wall at work, or she will leave me. I don't feel I have done anything wrong and I am amazed that she would leave over such a thing. I have been called a disgusting pervert by her, and she says that she feels she is sleeping with a sexual predator. This seems to me a pretty exaggerated and hurtful response to one girly pic she has only seen once. I don't see how taking it down will change her opinion of me. I wanted to work on the relationship but this has kind of been my last straw, and where i thought i would finally make a stand.She is continuously bitching at me and treating me like one of the kids.I am wondering if I should even want to be with someone who would say such things about me?

Hi Barry-

You do know that this isn't about the picture on your workshop space. This obviously goes way deeper than that. She's just using this as an excuse to behave badly and to lash out at you over something else. Now why she's saying these things and acting this way still remains to be seen. Only she truly knows the reason. If she's going to accuse you of something, then she needs proof to back up what she's saying. Her words and actions may be justified in her mind, but it's very unkind and grossly unfair for her to spew such vile things against you, especially if they are untrue. Perhaps this is a good time for you to cut your losses with her and get out while you can. If she'll do this for something very petty,then what else is she capable of doing if you really piss her off. I hope this helps you some.

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