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My husband is very highly educated(Ph.D in Physics) but did not get a job after being laid off from work. He worked only for a year. He waited for a few years for our Green Card for 3 years and then started his start-up. It was moving in the right direction and then his partners left. He tried to do again and from that point is acting weired for last few years. He says he has the biggest world changing ideas and formulation, and all big companies know him. But they are just trying to steal his idea - so he does not rely on any one. He will not say anything to anybody but thinks the government will help him to make it big. He now a days imagines things like everybody is after him and gets angry pretty quick. When he is angry he gets abusive.
He is a very brilliant person and a very loving husband all other times. But I am really at a loss at what to do. Please advise.

Dear Caigal,

I   am not a Dr. but your description of your Husbands behavior sounds like what my Son just recently experienced, and he was diagnosed wit Bi-Polar disorder. He is being treated for this and is now functioning well. I am not saying this is what your Husband has.

Please seek medical attention, tell your Dr. what you have explained to me, clearly something is not right and only a Dr. can help. Seek professional advise, do it for him, for your self and your family.


Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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Reiki I and II facilitator (over 20yrs) Ordained Minister (15 yrs) Hypnosis Therapist- past life regression (10 yrs) Sound Therapist (7yrs) Professional singer for over 25 years In college majoring in Journalism

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