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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/how can I increase my confidence level and come back to a normal life?


im mina.Thank you so much r  so good to me.I hope my problems will be over soon....he has gone for work I called him but he's very angry I don't know what will happen today...any way im trying to become normal.i also want to change and take it easy.plz give me few advise to come back to normal life coz i lose confidence in myself.thank u

your desire to be "normal" is your first step, but I would venture to say that you are already normal but your having to deal with things that are not normal and that makes you feel off or out of sorts.

my advise is simply to continue to be true to yourself and be honest with your feeling to your husband.  He may not understand how lucky he is to have a wife like you but as you continue to serve him and stay true to your convictions he will learn and you will continue to thrive....don't get angry...keep trying to learn how to get what you want from him by giving him what he wants and needs but never cross that line of propriety..

My best wishes


Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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After 30 years of marriage and 10 children I can comfortably answer questions about developing or salvaging a strong marriage relationship.


Relationships fail almost exclusively due to individual selfishness or inappropriate activities outside of the marriage contract. Almost any marriage can be salvaged and can flourish. There are exceptions, adultery, abuse and addictions may sever the trust to such an extent that a marriage may not survive.

In addition to my personal experiences I have over 15 years of special education experience with a Masters in special Ed.

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