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Hi, im the one who kept asking u questions. I just wanted to tell u I tried your note technique and the quick massage and it seemed to really make a difference. I also would likevto try to put the baby to sleep earlier, but he gets fussy. For trying new things sexually, would u suggest just bringing it up randomly?  ( we dont have a very open sexual relationship. I previously masturbated Alot butbim tryingbto stop to increase my desire to have sex. Im 21 so its pretty difficult. Thank u very much for your helpful advice. Most of my friends are still single, so its very hard to find someone I can speak to about these things, if that makes sense.

put on some porn and watch together,go here its free just click on and watch while u both is laying naked in bed!          
also to add some spice;get some sex toys​sex-life​toys.html​guaranteed-to...​tips-advice/qa...

#1 Have an affair with you partner. Plan a date with each other and pretend like both of you are having an affair. Youíll never realize how sexy it feels until you try it. Meet each other in a restaurant and seduce each other like two lusty lovers.

#2 Role play in bed. Dressing up as someone else is an easy way to enact all your secret fantasies without having an affair. Try being a doctor and a patient, a professor and student, or even a soldier and a journo. [Read: The beginners guide to sexual role playing in bed]

#3 Think teen. You may have fallen in love as young teens. But that doesnít mean you shouldnít behave like one now and then. Get creative and behave like eighteen year olds over a weekend. Dress like one, hang out in places you used to, and make out like teens!

#4 Add more foreplay. One of the best ways to have great sex is by focusing on foreplay. Spend 15 more minutes on making each other horny before having sex. Both of you will end up having better sex. Caress and compliment each otherís bodies during those 15 minutes.

#5 Make sex an impromptu, unpredictable act. As hard as it may seem, avoid planning ahead for sex or scheduling time for sex unless both of you are on very busy schedules.

#6 Be shockingly innovative and flirty. As the relationship matures, you need to come up with new ways to get innovative. Indulge in something that gets your heart racing and your sex life will get super sexy. [Read: 7 types of sex worth having]

#7 Get sexy things into your bed. Bring in new excitement into your bed. Visit your local pharmacy or an adult store and bring in sex toys, lubes, pheromones and anything else that works to reinvigorate your senses.

#8 Feel sexy. Look good and start working out if you have to. Pamper yourselves with fragrant scrubs, sexy lingerie, and get yourself a new hair cut. Feel sexy, and youíll look sexy.
#9 Bring your wildest fantasies alive. Just because youíre in a long term relationship doesnít mean you have to refrain from enacting your fantasies. Talk about it with your partner and indulge in them together. [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for guys and top 10 sexual fantasies for girls]

#10 Practice abstinence. If you know you can have sex whenever you want, itíll lose its charm. Avoid having sex now and then, and save it for days when you go clubbing or indulge in something exciting. Plan this right and it can be a huge turn on.

#11 Surprise each other sexually. Surprise your partner into a sexual high now and then. Surprise him by receiving him naked when he comes home, or tell him that youíre not wearing your panties under the short skirt when both of you are out having dinner.

#12 Think beyond the bed. There are many sexy places to get naughty besides the bed. Think kitchen, couches, bathroom, backyard, or a pool. Get innovative and the sexual rewards will be more pleasurable.

#13 Add food and beverages. Bring food into bed, or cook together. Aphrodisiacal food can make lovemaking more romantic, and a few drinks can make both of you drunk and horny.

#14 Sensual massages. Get naked and give each other a sensual massage without focusing on sex. Pleasure each other and let the fingers linger a while in the tingling spots. As long as the focus is on helping your partner orgasm, itíll make both of you feel good.

#15 Have tantric sex. Introduce tantric sex into the bedroom to have a passionate and intense sexual experience. [Read: Tantric sex tips for first timers]

#16 Think kinky. Nothing beats the excitement of wild and kinky sex when the relationship is starting to slow down in bed. Talk about your fantasies and bring your kinky fetishes and lusty desires to life.

#17 Take off on a sexy vacation now and then. Pick a vacation spot that both of you would like, be it a crowded sex resort or a beautiful, idyllic paradise island. And spend all vacation thinking of nothing but sexy thoughts. [Read: Tips to have a sexy vacation on the beach]

#18 Sexy texts and calls. Donít wait for your partner to be around to seduce them. Send a few sexy photos in the middle of the day and tease your partner into wanting more when both of you get together at night. [Read: Tips to take a good looking naked photo]

#19 Watch porn. Sometimes, watching porn can help both of you get into the mood and have a better time making love while watching another couple making out on the screen. [Read: How porn saved my sexless marriage]

#20 Fool around. Donít wait for some alone time to make out with each other. Be affectionate with each other all the time, and take affection to a whole new level now and then. Kiss your partner when theyíre on the phone with someone else, or take their pants off and give them an oral in the middle of a phone call.

#21 Body play. Play with each otherís bodies instead of just having sex. Paint on your partnerís body with glow in the dark paints or edible colors.

#22 Make a home video. Make a video together while having sex. Delete it after the act if having a sex tape freaks you out, or make sure you hide it in a safe place. Watching yourselves having sex in the video and having sex at the same time can be a huge rush for anyone.

#23 Wear sexy outfits. Wear revealing clothes, and every new and then, reveal something and make it seem like an accident. [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

#24 Use mirrors. Use full length mirrors alongside your bed to heighten your sexual experience. You can have sex really close to the mirror if you want to recreate a foursome sexual fantasy. Watch yourself or imagine another couple. [Read: Guide to start swinging]

#25 Make some noise. Moaning in bed or whispering sexy nothings is a huge turn on that canít be explained. Talk to each other in bed and youíll arouse your partner in no time. [Read: How to sound sexy in bed]

#26 Sexual setting. Design your bedroom to revolve around sex. Use fragrances and candles, and the perfect cushions to make lovemaking feel like a sexy luxury. [Read: Tips to arrange your bedroom for sex]

#27 Be truthful. You canít experience the best sex of your lives or even stay loyal to each other unless both of you exchange ideas and sexual thoughts with each other, be it about a sexual crush or a sexual memory. Donít be awkward mentally, and your sexual romance will bloom.


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I have helped people from all over the world and from many different walks of life, cultures, etc.Love birds may decide to marry just in the bloom of infatuation. However, marriage is like a signed contract for commitment. With marriage, love birds are also expected to share certain responsibilities and if they fail to do so, conflicts begin and the family life gets disturbed. This is where marriage counselor plays an important role. Marriage counselor helps the couple resolve their conflicts and saves their relationship which otherwise would have ended up in divorce. Marriage Counselor helps the couple learn their compatibility status and suggests ways for the betterment. A Marriage Counselor should be competent enough to understand the severity of the conflicts between the spouses and he/she must a good knowledge of the ways that would make the matrimonial relationship happy and smooth.I believe that God can heal broken marriages; Understanding what God says about marriage and the covenant promise you made to Him, will help you understand why God will heal your broken marriage. God joined the two of you together and brought it into fruition and said, "it is good" "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder (separate)". When you married you were joined together (bound) for life, this is God's law.

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