Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/help me from my reserved husband


hi vaani...
m newly married..hardly 8 months...mine is love marriage.ry sturborn...
the problem is my husband..he was stubborn earlier also but after marriage..he is just too much..he is even reserved ..never so his romance never open up...even if arguement is der he wil make sure to find fault in the end..i end up saying sorry to him he will never accept his fault...never say sorry and also...never ever he wil come to me and wil try sympathize me..its only who i am behind him...but on other hand if his mom is worried he run behind her like anything..never wants to listen anythng abt his mom...even if she is wrong instead he fights wid me...he is having hell lot of ego and he is extremely rude sometime not even thinking abt me once....vaani plz help me....i dnt want to end doin something..which am not suppose to do....


He is actually making efforts to prove to you that you are less important than his family, when you get irritated he enjoys that. So next time he tries this trick just ignore the topic, let him sing praises of his mother and pay no heed. Try not to talk about his mother even if you are angry at her. It will be difficult but give it a shot. If you believe that in an argument he is at fault, do not talk to him for few hours or days. Do not say sorry even when it's his fault. That way he will become a bully and enjoy being in control. You say sorry as you do not want a fight to prolong and do like to talk to him, but next time do not give up. Show him that you stand for what is right and are not dependent on him emotionally.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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