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Hello I'm Kashif.I'm 33 years old married with 27 years old girl.Our marriage was arranged-marriage.We both are happy together.At present I'm living in Australia with my family.Though I am working here for almost 3 years but I brought my wife and son half year ago.By the way,my own country is Pakistan.My wife is educated but very much shy and conservatibe muslim girl.Even she refused to come before my friends.Here I have a best friend named Del who is Australian.Del is so close to me that he visits my home everyday.Del is very friendly.He was trying to make convesations with my wife when he came to my house.But she was too shy.As Del was frequently visiting us and was like a family member so my wife gradully started talk to him.I encouraged Del as I wanted my wife to be more easy and friendly coz she didn't like talking with outsiders or guests.Day by day Del and my wife got a friendly relation.Del is also her best friend now after me.She shares everything what she talks with Del.Now I am having a fantasy to see my wife and Del intimate with one another.I dnt know why but it excites me.When Del is at my home I leave Del and my wife alone and try to see secretly if they are being intimate.They both having a strong friendship but they dnt getting intimate.They talk with one another privately even when I am at home.I dnt mind rather I want that they talk more.I feel excited when they are together.Last saturday it was evening.Del was in my home gossiping with my wife at the kitcen.I was watching tv.Suddenly I went to the kitchen to see them.I found Del and Kanita standing very close.Del was talking with my wife and put his hand on Kanita's backside.She was normal.For the first time I saw Del touching my wife.But it was nothing more.I was so excited that I had sex very good with Kanita.May be one day Del will sleep with my wife and I want it.Now I want to know am I sick that I want such fantasy?But I get aroused by the idea.Pls tell me what should I do?

me personally;its unhealthy;For most couples, an urge to sleep with someone outside the relationship spells nothing but doom.

Are you considering the options or wondering about the repercussions?Are you ready to let your wife have sex with someone else?

Sleeping with another person outside the relationship isnít all cute and sexy. Itís actually one of the most dangerous things to do in a relationship. Here are a few questions to think about that can tell you if youíre ready for it.

#1 Why does your wife want to do it really? Have a frank conversation with your wife. Why does she want to have sex with another man? Are you satisfied with her answer? [Read: Things to talk about in a perfect relationship]

#2 Are you spicing up both your sex lives or is this an easy affair? Sometimes, a bad lover could use an excuse like this to have an affair right under your nose. Do you know the guy your wife wants to have sex with? Does it sound like an affair in the making here? Itís always preferable to use a guy you meet on a vacation instead of a friendly neighbor.

#3 Howís your relationship? Are you happy and completely in love with each other? Is this a sexual fantasy that both of you have had? If you think your wife is too sexy to be enjoyed just by you and have a secret fantasy to watch your wife getting creamed by another man, w
4 Are both of you ready for the consequences? As scary as it sounds, letting your wife sleep with another man can be a lot of fun only if both of you have set firm ground rules and have spoken to each other about every nagging doubt. If youíre faced with an awkward situation the next morning and you canít look into each otherís eyes, youíve obvious gone wrong with the ground rules.

Testing your relationship survival skills Ė The big test

Can your relationship survive another man in bed? Well, here is a cleaner way to test the waters and see if youíre both ready. [Read: How to have a perfect threesome]

Donít let your wife walk away into another manís arms just yet. Almost always, a fantasy in your head always feels sexier than real life. Try these tests in real life first.

Test #1 Have webcam sex. Have you ever had sex while streaming it via a webcam? Meet a random couple online or log onto an adult webcam site like Chatroulette *above 18 area* and see if both of you enjoy having sex while being watched? Does it freak you out knowing that someone else is seeing you and your partner in the nude and probably whacking off too? Just a note of caution here, donít show off your faces while chatting via a webcam.Four things to watch out for after your wife has sex with another man

If both of you think youíre ready to explore the horizons of sex by sleeping with other people, here are a few things to watch out for, the morning after.

#1 Second thoughts. You may have second thoughts about the whole arrangement. Or you may even regret it if both of you werenít entirely ready to bring the sexual fantasy to real life. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

#2 Panic and anxiety. Ever watched the move, Indecent Proposal? Well, thatís panic attack for you if both of you arenít sure of what either of you want.

#3 Fear of losing each other. Would you feel insecure if your wife has explosive sex with another man? Would you be more afraid if the guy is a friend?

#4 Anger at your wifeís wants. Would you look at it as a sexual high like never before or would you just blame your wife for wanting to be a whore after itís all done?

What happens next?

Well, both of you could enjoy it.

Or it could spell disaster.
sex with someone outside the relationship can be sexy and dandy if itís done with serious considerations. If not, it may make both of you drift away from each other and into another personís bed if one of you isnít happy with the results. Itís all about emotional security and trust. If both of you love each other a lot and donít mind having sex with others because you genuinely want your partner to enjoy great sex and fulfill their sexual desires, itís never a bad thing as long as thatís what both of you want. [Read: 25 relationship rules to have a successful romance]

And if you do see your partner orgasming better or having a better time with someone else in bed, you have to realize that itís the sexual fantasy thatís more of a turn on than the guy sheís having sex with.

If you or your wife wants to have sex with someone else, youíre not a mentally disturbed deviant. Some couples like the idea while some couples donít. To each their own.
So if you donít like it, stay away from it instead of ruining your relationship. And if you do want your wife to sleep with another man, go right ahead but only after youíve given careful considerations of the things mentioned here, and youíll truly be ready for that next step. [Read: 7 sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

So does your wife want to have sex with another man? Well, sit down with your partner and give these questions and tests a serious consideration. And if youíre ready, go on and explore your sexual desires.  

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I have helped people from all over the world and from many different walks of life, cultures, etc.Love birds may decide to marry just in the bloom of infatuation. However, marriage is like a signed contract for commitment. With marriage, love birds are also expected to share certain responsibilities and if they fail to do so, conflicts begin and the family life gets disturbed. This is where marriage counselor plays an important role. Marriage counselor helps the couple resolve their conflicts and saves their relationship which otherwise would have ended up in divorce. Marriage Counselor helps the couple learn their compatibility status and suggests ways for the betterment. A Marriage Counselor should be competent enough to understand the severity of the conflicts between the spouses and he/she must a good knowledge of the ways that would make the matrimonial relationship happy and smooth.I believe that God can heal broken marriages; Understanding what God says about marriage and the covenant promise you made to Him, will help you understand why God will heal your broken marriage. God joined the two of you together and brought it into fruition and said, "it is good" "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder (separate)". When you married you were joined together (bound) for life, this is God's law.

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