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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/Unwed father mother rights to their newbornbaby


QUESTION: This is my final month of pregnancy. Anytime by now I can give birth to our baby girl. I and my baby's father are not married. But he and his family wants to register the baby on their family name. 'Robert'(the baby's father) will going back to the States with his family this year. His family are now American citizens. They say we need to register the baby to their family name so that they can easily petition the child. And by the time he gets also his green card he will return and marry me. But  I am not that sure if he will really marry me. Will he be able to get our baby when it is registered to him and didn't marry me?

ANSWER: Hi Marvels~

Do not let them do anything with the baby, that includes them claiming to want to "register" the baby to their family name (whatever that's supposed to mean).  I live in the US and when a person wants to lay claim to an infant, that means they are most likely planning on trying to take the baby away from you and not let you see her or have access to her.  So no matter what they tell you do not fall for it or believe them.  They are most likely up to no good and plotting against you to try to gain custody of the baby.  Which at any rate they will not be able to do b/c you live in another country.  I don't trust his family based on what you've described of their intentions.

Keep the baby with you there in your home country and don't let them take the baby anywhere.  Don't put his name on the birth certificate either.  You can claim you don't know or remember who the father is.  This is to protect you and so they can't flee the country with the baby under false pretenses. If he's an American citizen he doesn't need a green card, he would be a legal resident of this country, a naturalized citizen which means he has as much rights as if he were born here.  So I'm not sure why he's telling you he has to wait on his green card to marry you.  In the US if you're not a naturalized citizen (meaning you have a Visa/green card whatever you'd like to call it), and he marries you and then he divorces you or you divorce him, you're Visa would expire/become null and void and they would deport you back to your home country.  Do not fall for any of what he's telling you.  I would be very leery of what his true intentions are.  

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QUESTION: Thank you for this much more cleared answer. But anyway I would like to say that I and the fryer of my child are live-in partners for 5 years and still counting. His family is now living in the US for good. He is just their only son left here, and his green card will be available this year hopefully this coming month of December. They told me to indicate their family name to my baby. And when everything is all set, he'll go back to US to study and work there. But promise to kep on supporting me and the baby financially and eventually he will go back here and marry me and petition me and our baby so we can go there too. And they are planning us to stay there for good too.. Thanks anyways..:)

Hi Marvels~

I hope that everything works out for you and your partner.  Just be careful and trust what your gut instincts are telling you (not just about this situation) but every major decision you make in life.  Take care and I wish you well in everything.  

Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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