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Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship/What should I do when my husband hiding things from me?


My husband and I have only been married for 9 months. About 2 months after our marriage I found some naked girls pictures on his phone and I got mad. But he told me they were for some party's advertisements ( he's a DJ) but later I found out he's saving his ex girlfriends naked pictures to his phone and even started to flirt with a bunch girls. We faught about this so many times. He said the only reason he started doing all these is because I started not trusting him. After a huge huge fight, he said he would delete all the pictures and stop flirting with girls. But he didn't. Instead he installed a secret album on his phone and delete messages with girls. I don't know what to do anymore. Before he's a totally different person and I trusted him 100%. Cuz he never talked to any girls in any inappropriate way and in his phone there are only my pictures all over the place. And every time I message him or call him he would answer the phone immediately no matter what and always kiss and hug me in public like nobody's around. But it's all different now. He hiding things from me and lie to me and flirt with girls all the time and barely answer my phone calls and everyday come back home at least 1 hours later after he finishs work and always ignore me when we r in public. He still tells me everyday he loves me so much and he will never ever cheat on me. But what he's doing just doesn't make me feel that way. What should I do? Really appreciate if you can help me out with this because I didn't have any serious longterm relationship before I got married and we are from different countries.( he's American and I'm Chinese)

You are right, it seems he is hiding stuff from you. Getting home late is no reason to mistrust him but if he starts hiding his phone records and logs, there is some cause for concern.  If you ask him, he will always have an excuse ready. So why not do some sleuthing?  Will it be ok if you were to drop by at his workplace?  Or ask him to introduce you to the gang of his friends. See how he reacts to this. It will give you an idea if your doubts ate justified or not.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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