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I am married since past two years but there is always quarrelsome between me and my husband for some little issue . I am not able to share my Problem with him if I am telling any problem that I am facing with family members. he say they are  good ,I am living in Joint family- brother in law , sister in law etc. sometimes our topic end that he suggest me to change my self.  He rarely spend time with me alone often  watching Tv with other family members.
I am thinking fault in me only.
Please guide me. Am I only responsible
for Problems.

Hi Neha

You are not responsible for this situation but yes you are being over sensitive.  This is  natural as you came to this family with a set of expectations.  He seems to be an over devoted son and feels guilty if he gives you attention. So take the initiative,  involve his mother and tell her that you want to surprise her son. Then plan a picnic or an outing  or a movie. This way she won't interfere and the obedient son will not say no. Sometimes invite his friends home or plan a get together,  he can't say no to that! You will have to be subtle,  stop talking about his family totally.  That will shock him into his senses.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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