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Hi,I asked my husband if he still had feelings for his old girlfriend. He replied that he would always love her but in a caring way. Do you think this is normal or okay? It hurts me that he still cares about another woman. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer,
I totally understand how you feel, and I also see your hubby's point of view too. His love for you is total and unconditional;where his "feeling" for his first girl friend are conditional. His love in a "caring way" does sound clichéd I know, but I too have been there. Now, if you are worried about that "caring love" being anything else, ask yourself, if that is so,then why is he with you? You ask if its normal, well yes, for your hubby's view point, others would say no, but I wager,when pressed, most people will say ,well, yes I will never forget my first boyfriend or girl friend. Don't worry about things that aren't there Jennifer.Remember this, "don't worry about things you can't see, worry about what you can see.In life, we go though so many worries and that is what "life" is. Your hubby loves you Jennifer,and you love him, live for today Jennifer.

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