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My husband looks at other women who are his cousinís wives and our neighbor Jenna for years.  I mean he look at these women like they are his favorite celebrities no one else.  I have them as a friend too and I know these are women are wonderful, loyal and faithful.  We are not close friends.  I found out he stayed up really late at night looking at them.  They are under his Notifications and he denied he donít know what that is. Heís a IT professional.  I know he lied because he agreed for me to look at his facebook page and I unfollowed them.  But I look at it again this year and it is back on and he still denied.  I know heís trying to play dumb.  What I donít understand is, he talks to those women when he sees them but he never talk with me that way.  Example: watching tv together in the same room, he can hear his brotherís girlfriend opinion so well that he answered her with a smile but never do that with me ever.  Never!  He would talk with these women on a subject he likes but rarely with me in my 9 years.  He said that looking at them is ok because they are his friends and family.  He claimed that he never messages them or talk on the phone with them but looking at their pictures are ok.  So that means, I canít talk to man I like but I can look?  He is not with me now.  He was so against me and a male classmate back in college, in one of my hardest college course.  We argued like we are now so I never talked to him anymore.  I am hurt and I donít understand what I did wrong.  I respect his decision and not keep in touch with any male friends other than my brothers, uncles and nephews.  Any advice is much appreciated.

If what you say is true, I have
No reason to doubt you, your
Huband has a serious problem and he needs to get help.
It's very difficult to diagnose in this site but experience tells me there is something wrong.
My simple suggestion is to get some counseling.  You may want to go first and get help dealing with your husbands wandering eyes.
I would also suggest that you try to encourage him back to you by doing what you can to catch his eye...what he is doing is not right but it's worth a try to get him to look at you..

He will need counseling too.
My best to you..

Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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