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I'm a freelance journalist and I'm looking for experts to interview for an article that I'm pitching to Vibrant Life Magazine. The article is about the new study (linked below) that is about the stability of children with married parents. If you'd be willing to let me ask you a few questions, I'd appreciate it! Just let me know.

Thanks so much,
Rachael Doninger

ANSWER: Hi,Racheal,
well i will answer as well as i can.

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QUESTION: 1) According to the study (linked below), “The share of births to unmarried women in the United States has almost doubled over the last 25 years, going from 22% of births in 1985 to 41% in 2010.” Why do you think this is?
2) How important do you think the role of marriage is in raising children?
3) Cohabiting has become more common instead of marriage over the years. Do you think the institution of marriage has lost its importance and traditional meaning because of this?
4) Couples seem to be having children first and getting married after because there’s no pressure to get married first. Do you think that this is a problem?
5) Any particular way that a married couple could provide stability for a child better than an unmarried couple could?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these. I appreciate it!

Question 1:
This is an unanswerable question in the strict sense of the word. One must look at why do we do anything;this means what society looks at as not "main stream" is always look at with concern or disdain.Now, if we look at the society as we were bought up you will find so many view points on how people should behave. So, as we look at how our own behavior and how we act is really the only answer to your question.So,finally, many acts that are "out of the main stream" are down to our own upbringing and how our own morals control our actions in life.

Question 2: The role of marriage is only really down to,once again our own beliefs ,one can not dictate our own beliefs on others. Parents,married or not can bring their children up in the right way, but that will depend on their own morals and upbringing.

Question 3: Marriage or living together has been a question many ask. I am married, but i could just as well be living with my partner, does it really matter.The idea of marriage is one based on love,honesty and trust,but one can be that without a paper that says you are married. I'm not a religious person, so i don't have a "perfect" view, because the main stream of people who, many are told that you must be  married. While i believe in love and honesty,trust;does being married make a person better than a person who isn't married?The answer of course, is NO it does not.

Question 4:The very simple answer here, is NO.As i have mentioned, you can bring up children the "right" way without being married.

Question 5: Married or not can not be determined as to the stability of any upbringing of children. Its simply the love and dedication you give to the child,as that child will rely on you and only you,yes school will teach them too, but from the home comes love and the right way to be,and that is from mum and dad, and you don't need to be married to be a good parent. The financial stability of any couple is only determined by what is fair and honest;and of course, so is marriage.

I hope this is ok for you. i wish you luck in your article.

Best Regards

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