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me and wife are going thru some issues that have escalated thru the years.. she does what she wants basicly. Im not perfect but she make me feel guilt from the past but I have bin good to her since. she goes out never invites me she says I embarrass her I found out she goes out and wen I call her on her she gets mad at me. if I ask her a question or confront her about an issue she turns the table on me and that's the end of the conversation I never get an explanation from her. she has social networks accounts she does notv letb me see goes out comes home at 4am I dnt know where shes at and  never speaks about what she does. she is full beyond disrespectful towards me emotionally and physically somehow its always my fault

Rosemary, (I assume your name is not actually Rosemary, because if you are writing about your wife then you must be a man).

This is a very difficult situation you describe. Obviously your wife does not respect you as her husband, and clearly does not believe herself to be obligated in any way to obey you.

So it seems to me you should pray very hard for her and not try to force her to do anything. If you are providing her money, I would see about restricting it. If you are paying for internet or for her phone service, I would consider terminating those services. If you are paying for her credit cards I would cancel those accounts. If you do these things, she might react negatively, but it's not right that you should provide her with the very means to disobey you.

I hope everything works out!

Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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