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Hi Liam,

Is it common in marriages where the Wife, who makes more money than the husband, to lose respect for the husband because of financial status?
That's the situation im in and it's to the point where she puts me at the bottom of the list on many things.  An example, when we are at her parents on the weekend and I tell her I need to be home at a certain time.  She doesn't care and will leave when ever she is ready to leave.  It's pretty clear that she feels like shes the boss and doesn't respect me, or else she would respect my wishes to be home at the time I need to be home.

I'm sure this is carrying over to the bedroom, because I find my wife very attractive and I'm always initiating intimacy, but 80% of the time she denies my advances.
With her rejections and not caring about my needs, I feel unwanted by my wife.  I have spoke to her about my feelings and she just says that I'm being dramatic.

What should I do?

thanks for your time.

Hi Dan,
A wife earning more than a husband is not a reason for less respect - on its own. I suggest you think of other ways in which you could gain her respect. How about showing you are directing your life in other ways. Are there other things where you could be the one who is in charge.
Above all, women want to be looked after and cherished. Think of other ways you can show her that you have initiative and control and are doing your best to be her protector. One of the best ways is to set some goals for yourself and achieve them. Show her you are a man of action and one who can be trusted.
It comes down to finding other ways of "providing" for her, where she can look up to you and admire you. That is being masculine - and it will also increase her sexual attraction to you.
Have a think about this and I am sure you will come up with some ideas!
Hope this helps and all the best,

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