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hello mam,
       I am in 9th year of my love marriage with a 5 yr old husband is right now bit stressed problem is I am feeling insulted and granted.his behaviour is something I cant take now..i have always tried to be patient with him..providing all the comfort possible for me so that he dnt get a bit tensions from home but his attitude is very rude..tone is very harsh..inspite of me telling him so many times he just don't get it..his blunt behaviour is killing me inside...I am not lacking love or care I am immensely lacking respect..he just don't help or support even if I am sick and if once even I refuse for anything his like 'I will tell u when my time will come' as if revenging...and his rudeness is not just today its from past many years...I am so helpless even my daughter is catching his wrong things and treat me sometimes the way he me please

Hi Neha,

If he is tensed for some reason that doesn't give him the privilege of insulting you. It's time you started paying back in the same coin.  Next time he's rude just retort back in same style or stop talking to him for a day or two. Don't reply to his questions.  He needs to understand that by providing for you, he doesn't become boss. Even do it in front of family if he does it!! As for your daughter,  be cross with her whenever she crosses the line. Tell her you won't talk to her or take care of her. She's young and impressionable so this is the right time to train her.



Marriage and the Husband-Wife Relationship

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