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I just want to ask you opinion to horror movies. Why does evil mostly triumph, or after thinking that the good won, at the ending, evil still prevails. It's seldom that good wins at the end. It just proves the evil beats the good.

My second question is, why most horror movies have stupid characters, when they're actions are already obvious to be wrong and illogical as well. It does not become scare anymore but annoying.

I need your expert opinion to this. Thank you.

I think horror movies work best when evil wins.  The villains are almost the heroes in horror movies and more often than not, the audience finds themselves rooting for them as opposed to the "good guys" (look at Freddy Krueger, Jason, Michael Myers, et. al).

Which segues into the second part of your question - I think that it is more of a suspension of disbelief thing.  The characters need to make the stupid decisions in order for things to happen.  But it also works on a basic human level.  What would you do if fear and adrenaline took over?  Would you able to make rational decisions?  It's an interesting question.

Hope this helps!

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