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Questions about Movies/Football players deaths?


There's this scene in the most recent Batman movie titled "The Dark Knight Rises" where the villian named Bain sets off some kind of explosion in various parts of Gotham City and one of the areas which received damage from the explosion was this football field where they had just started a game. Much of the football field collapses downward in a deep hole due to the explosion and, unfortunately, the football players couldn't outrun the collapsing ground underneath them and all of them(except for just one)fell into the deep hole but the movie didn't indicate whether or not if any of the football players died from falling into the deep hole. Based on the description do you think those football players most likely died?

Christopher Nolan doesn't like to liner on the deaths of his characters in his films - witness the deaths of the Mayor and the Foley character in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - so I will say that all those football players most likely perished.  At least a good 80 - 90%.

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