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Dark Knight Rises football scene.
Dark Knight Rises foot  
There's this scene in the most recent Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises"(2012)where the villain named Bane sets off an explosion in various parts of Gotham City and one of the areas which received damage from the explosion was this football field where a game had just started. During the explosion, much of the football field collapses downward in a deep hole and, unfortunately, the football players couldn't outrun the collapsing ground underneath them and all of them, except for just one, fell into the deep hole. From what I can tell from watching that scene, it looked liked those football players were basically swallowed by the collapsing ground, however, the movie didn't indicate whether or not if the football players who fell in the hole died. Based on the description do you, in your opinion, think that those football players most likely died? I also have an image of the stadium explosion that I wanted to share.

Hello, David -- Yes, I saw that movie, and I believe that writer-director Christopher Nolan wanted to show us a fatal terrorist attack that killed the players on the field.  Did you know that some of the football players were portrayed by real NFL team members?   Hines Ward gave an interview about playing the one who survived:

You might be interested in this assessment of the scene by football fans:

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