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Dear Shant

I hope everything goes well for you. I am a movie analyst and want to know how i can submit my movie reviews/Critics over a reputable website in movie Industry like

Best Regards,
Farhad Mirsaeedi

Hi there,

IMDB allows anyone to sign up and post critiques/comments of movies you have seen on their forums - just create a user account. As far as credentialed reviews, have you thought of starting your own blog? You'd be amazed how much exposure you will get. Best of luck!

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I am an avid movie buff who reads and writes a lot about the subject. My expertise falls mainly in the talent department, specifically writers, directors and actors. I am also a fan of movie scores and have a vast knowledge in that department as well. I have often been described as a "walking, talking movie encyclopedia" so feel free to send any of your movie questions my way!


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